Digitalising real estate investments.

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Invest in a property for less than the cost of your next smartphone

With the power of group buying, we enable users to enter the real estate market with little capital, earn rental income and take advantage of the increase in property prices.

We provide transparent and detailed information for each project with additional 3D/VR experience to make sure our users are fully aware and engaged.



We follow industry standard security principles. Personal and trade data is secured using state of the art technology.



Our goal at BitOfProperty is to simplify and decentralize after-market real estate investments by reducing capital intensiveness and increasing liquidity.




BitOfProperty is building a blockchain based real estate crowdinvestment platform, making property investing affordable and increasing liquidity of the investments.

The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain – a novel technology, which adds another layer of security to the platform and to property deals. Blockchain technology brings more transparency to real estate investments. Using Ethereum as a foundation for the platform enables BitOfProperty to fully decentralize real estate investing in the future. 

BitOfProperty allows people to invest in after-market real estate in smaller fractions, which are called BITS and trade the BITS on a secondary market. Ownership in every real estate deal will be represented by a unique ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain.


Profit from properties

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Start investing with very little capital and remain in charge of your money at all times.

Profit from your investment(s) via the generated rental income, which is split proportionally among all investors. Do not worry about management hassles, we are taking care of it for you.

Our investments have a defined exit with the possibility to sell your share on demand.

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With a few exceptions (countries and individuals), BitOfProperty should be able to allow everybody to invest. The only immediate exclusion applies to American citizens and U.S. tax residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdinvesting?

BitOfProperty is built on Ethereum blockchain technology, which brings more safety and transparency to real estate deals. In addition, people can trade ‘’Bits’’ (aka fractions) among themselves on the platform, bringing more liquidity to the property investment market.

Crowdinvesting is the practice of raising capital through the internet from a large number of people. This way of raising capital has been established for the funding of companies worldwide, and also allows anyone to invest in real estate.

Who can invest?

What are the different property types available on BitOfProperty platform?

What is different about BitOfProperty?

BitOfProperty gives you the opportunity to invest in both residential and commercial rental properties.



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