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BIT002 - Kuklase Apartments

Kuklase 18-69, Tallinn, Estonia

Kuklase Apartments is situated in Mustamäe district, Tallinn, Estonia. Nearby one can find many shopping malls, schools and kindergartens. Only 2 kilometers away is situated one of the biggest universities, Tallinn University of Technology. Thanks to a great location, this investment opportunity has a stable cash flow perspective and a relatively high rental yield.

Investment Term








3 years



€ 84,600

BIT001 - SpaceCube

Ehitajate tee 60, Tallinn, Estonia

SpaceCube project is an attractive investment opportunity near Tallinn University of Technology. Innovative buy-to-let concept makes it an enticing investment with competitive rental yield. The project is located in the neighbourhood, which is known as Tallinn Silicon Valley, thus creating a good foundation for solid increase in real estate prices. Join other investors in SpaceCube project starting with as little as €500.

Investment Term








3 years



€ 82,000

Fully Funded


About Bits

BitOfProperty allows investors to purchase small transactions, BITS, of established properties as well as new developments. Soon, each BIT can be independently traded regardless of future sale of the overall property. A BIT is a unique ERC20 compatibly token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How It Works


View properties in multiple countries and various styles. Save the ones that catch your eye. Compare your favorites and choose which are right for you.

Buy BITS of property

With just a few clicks, you can own a BIT of the property. Ownership in properties you invest in will be represented by a unique ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum Blockchain. All properties are managed for you, thus you can sit back and relax.

Earn rental income

Start earning income from your investments. Track your income generated, yield and overall performance through your dashboard.

Exit investment

Your investments have defined exit. However, we are developing a secondary market functionality in case you wish to leave the investment whenever you want.

Easily Accessible

With the power of group purchasing, we enable people to invest in real estate incrementally.


A fully transparent platform detailing all aspects of every project. Additionally, an immersive 3D/VR experience of each property.


All purchases are transacted across the Ethereum Blockchain providing immutable record of ownership. Investments are held in line with industry best practices and independently of BitOfProperty.

Why invest in real estate?

• Rental yield

Real estate provides a great opportunity to earn consistent income in the form of rent. Being tied to a physically asset provides the stability that many investors desire.

• Appreciation

As with any other asset class, real estate is cyclical. However, long term trends are continuously positive and volatility typically lower.

• Inflation-proof investment

Real estate is one of the few asset classes which has inflation-proof characteristics. If it costs more to build then after some time it will cost more to buy.

• Bricks and mortar

Real estate allows individuals to invest in something tangible – something they can look at and touch. No other investment class can become someone's home.

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