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The BitOfProperty team searches internationally to provide you some of the most competitive off market opportunities that are typically not available to the general public. All assets are carefully screened and evaluated internally prior to listing on the platform. In addition, people, institutions and legal entities are welcome to submit applications to sell part or all of their property or properties. All applicants will be contacted personally by a member of the BitOfProperty team. Alternatively, real estate owners will be notified if their property is not suitable for the platform.

During sourcing the BitOfProperty team will assess properties from both a technical and financial point of view. The team will also look into several external factors that may affect the investment suitability and term. When both technical and financial criteria are met and external factors support the property to be listed, the BitOfProperty team will fix the investment term period and list the property on the platform.

In order to view properties on the platform, you need to go to the ‘Properties’ page. On that page, you can browse all the properties and filter the selection according to your interest. Clicking ‘More details’ on a specific property, will take you to an individual property page. Here you can review the property via a virtual walk through, pictures and description, or through reading information about monthly distribution, capital allocation and all the supporting documents for the property. BitOfProperty wants to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Whenever you find a property or properties of interest, you can save them to your “Favourites” section on your ‘Dashboard’ to access them whenever you wish. Please note that in order to see all the information about the property and save them under your ‘Dashboard’, you have to be logged in.

If you decide to invest in a property, you will need to proceed through the following:

1) Verify your profile under ‘My profile’ page, located in the dropdown menu on the top right corner.

2) Transfer at least the amount you want to invest to your wallet (‘My Wallet’) on the platform. ‘My Wallet’ can be found in the dropdown menu on the top right corner.

If you have already verified your profile and transferred the money to your wallet, you can proceed with the investment immediately. You just need to click on the ‘Invest’ button of the chosen property. Making an investment in the property is just two simple steps:

First, enter the amount you wish to invest. On this page, you can also see overview information about the property and use the calculator to assist you making a decision.

Second, confirm your investment by entering your ‘Investment password’ (same as your ‘log in’ password). Once you have confirmed your investment, it will appear under your ‘Dashboard’

Many properties listed on the platform are after-market properties, thus they are already tenanted or can be easily tenanted. Each investor will receive monthly rental income from the properties they have invested. Rental income will be divided proportionally among the investors, depending on the ratio of the individual investors to the total investment.

Every month rental income is added under investors’ accounts, which they can see under ‘Dashboard’ and/or ‘My Wallet’. Investors can leave the money in their account on the platform to reinvest or withdraw the money by transferring to their personal bank account.

Each property has a maturity period when it will be sold that is determined before the property is listed on the platform. Initial sale of the property will start 6 months before the investment term ends. Sale price at that time will be either market price or set according to the estimated capital gain set in the beginning of the investment, whichever is higher. Property price will be evaluated by an independent third party.

If the sale at market price (assuming that it is higher) is successful then the property will be liquidated with principal and capital gains being distributed to investors. If the sale at the pre-set price (assuming it is higher than market price) is not successful during a 6-month period, sale price will be adjusted to market price and sold in the next 3-6 months.

BitOfProperty is currently developing a secondary market possibility on the platform. This is for investors who wish to sell their investments within the investment period. They can list their BITS of a specific property back on the platform marketplace for other investors to purchase. Investors can adjust the price of their listed BITS at any time prior to a successful transaction.

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